3 Reasons to Visit Kitchener Ontario

The metropolis of Kitchener is positioned in Southern Ontario. It is normally referred to jointly with Waterloo (Kitchener-Waterloo). Having said that, every metropolis is basically it&#39s very own municipality. Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge together are regarded as the “Tri-Cities.”

Kitchener is the premier of the “Tri-Cities” with a population of approx. 204 000. Even though Kitchener is almost never outlined without Waterloo, it can surely hold it&#39s very own when it will come to points of interest. Here are 3 of the finest:

one. Oktoberfest: At the flip of the past century Kitchener was regarded as Berlin. It was not just a intelligent title, Kitchener is residence to one particular of Canada&#39s premier German populations. The German population introduced a great deal of culture with them – from new music to food. Possibly the most treasured present they bought even though was Oktoberfest.

Kitchener&#39s Oktoberfest is billed as Canada&#39s Biggest Bavarian Competition. It is basically the premier Bavarian competition held exterior of Germany. Even though the beer fueled celebrations are the premier attract for the occasion, their are other additional laid again family activities as properly. A person of the most well known is the Oktoberfest Thanksgiving parade, which receives nationwide Television protection.

two. The Aud Skatepark: The Aud itself is an attraction – the fifty+ year aged auditorium has played host to some of the premier acts that have performed in Southern Ontario. It is also residence to a successful OHL franchise – The Kitchener Rangers. It is not what goes on inside that is the most intriguing even though, it is what is occurring exterior the Aud that may catch your notice.

Skateboarding has turn into a pretty mainstream exercise, and towns across our nation have been striving to accommodate the earlier time. Handful of have finished it as properly as Kitchener – the Aud Skatepark is a well known desired destination for the metropolis&#39s youth. It should really be too, the smooth concrete area is an excessive athletics delight. BMX riders, skateboarders and inline skaters a risk-free and pleasurable time … for totally free!

3. Heart In The Sq.: Possibly excessive athletics are not your thing. Possibly you are additional fascinated in the theater or classical new music. Kitchener has you covered there as properly. The Heart in The Sq. is an acoustical and architectural jewel that was developed to showcase the finest in Kitchener culture.

The principal attract in the square is the Raffi Armenian Theater, properly regarded for it&#39s fantastic acoustics. It is host to a amount of great acts during the year. The two,047 seat location also offers one particular of the premier stages in North America. The Heart in The Sq. area features artwork studios and galleries as properly. About a hundred ninety 000 persons a year attend a assortment of functions – symphony, dance, musical and company functions involved.

Of late Kitchener has been forged in the shadow of minimal brother Waterloo. While Waterloo has benefitted from it&#39s educational and technologies growth, Kitchener&#39s additional blue-collar populace has been hit tough in the existing economic moments. No matter of that even though, Kitchener is committed to reinvigorating it&#39s downtown main and recreating itself via the tough function it is so regarded for. If the higher than points of interest are any indicator, they are properly on their way.

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