Different Types of Chickens

Different Types of Chickens

While there area unit dozens of various sorts of chickens, choosing one to be an area of your flock is difficult. initial you’ll be wanting to contemplate the role of the chicken which means, is it a pet, can it’s bread for meat or AN egg producer? There area unit countless decisions to create once choosing the correct variety of chicken.

Egg laying chickens are available in a spread of breeds and their egg production can vary. the highest parturition chickens that manufacture white eggs area unit Ancona, Andalusian, Catalina, Hamburg, Holland, Lakenvelder, Leghorn, Minorca, and Redcap. every chicken can have their own disposition in addition from nervous to wild, clattery or back.

There area unit chickens that lay brown eggs which they embody Australorp, Java, Naked Neck Turkin, Plymouth Rock, Delaware, Dominique, Rhode Island, Sussex, and Wyandotte. many of these chickens have smart tendencies and unit of measurement relatively light affected and sensible producers.

If you are curious about growing chickens for meat, you wish to appear for breeds that area unit able to gain weight at intervals the primary four months of life. The disposition of those sorts of chickens is a smaller amount necessary than egg layers as a result of they don’t seem to be expected to measure for long. Meat manufacturing breeds include Cornish and Cornish Cross.

Some hens of specific breeds will each be used as egg producers however additionally offer a decent supply of meat. These sorts of birds is also ideal. AN example of those sorts of chickens embody Brahma, Buckeye, Catalina, Araucana, Australorp, Barnevelder, and plenty of others already mentioned on top of.

Birds just like the cochin china, Phoenix, and Showgirls area unit maybe alittle additional engaging than those chickens bred strictly as a food supply however no matter variety of chicken you choose you need to breed or raise, it’s smart to try to to a bit analysis supported your final goals.


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