How to build a chicken coop: Step-by-step instructions with free plans

Free plans for this coop – View Full at here >>


1) how much did this price to build?

Total, i’d say we tend to place near one thousand into the coop, however that features things just like the watering buckets, PVC pipe, and also the feed dispenser. Construction stuff has gotten thus stinkin expensive! a part of the difficulty was the scale i selected for the coop (5 X 6) that meant a big quantity of waste (plywood sheets are 4X8. If you’d do a 4X4 coop, you’ll in all probability cut that range in half. Get your hinges at harbor freight and see if you’ll notice an inexpensive window at a shed offer place. Also, the black wire i used for the run was quite bit quite economy stuff however i liked it additional.


2) Would i modify something regarding the manner this was built?
In understanding, yes, I would.

a) once I created this video I had to relocate the water bucket as a result of the chickens got too tall to use it. If the coop had been two or three inches higher off the bottom it woulda discovered okay.

b) Also, i’m 6’5″ tall, and that i want the run were a minimum of that tall. It makes for a few back breaking work to run around in there because it is currently.

c) i do know many of us say ya do not got to heat a coop, however this one is extremely huge for the quantity of birds that I actually have therefore their body heat alone isn’t ready to keep it humanely heat on these cold nights. (I’d add additional chickens however the run is that the right size for this range of birds). All that to mention, I want I had done one in all 2 things…insulated the coop with some foam or designed it so I might place a short lived winter enclose the within (reducing the scale of their sleeping space and creating it easier for them to stay it hotter with their body heat alone). Did that build any sense??

3) Why the sand?

I notice sand is not as nice for the chickens as grass, however the grass was gone concerning 2 days once putt the chickens within the run…and then I had mud (which, during this a part of Pennsylvania is slow draining). I felt like like sand would a minimum of bog down on the mud and facilitate keep their feet somewhat drier. The sand is perhaps two or three inches deep, and that they appear to churn it up enough that smell hasn’t been a true issue. I did dig out and replace all the sand once within the last eight months.


4) Do I actually have blueprints of what I did here?

No, I rather had a imprecise plan of what I needed to try to to and created it up as I went. however enough individuals have asked ME for them that i’m making an attempt to induce those along for you all by spring. Subscribe and keep tuned and you may be the primary to check them after they are done!

5) what percentage eggs does one get?

These are golden estraterrestrial body chickens, and that i am BLOWN AWAY by the quantity of eggs they need been manufacturing. I actually have seven chickens and that i terribly seldom have each day once we do not get seven eggs. I expect that they need ought to weigh down for the winter (I sleep in Pennsylvania), however i have been expression that for variety of weeks currently!? It’s now Jan seventh.

6) however simple is it to worry for chickens?

In the spring, summer, and fall caring for the chickens was plenty easier than I expected it might be. within the winter there’s another challenge if you reside somewhere its cold, as a result of you gotta make certain the water does not freeze. I actually have my hose place away for the winter therefore i gotta walk the water out there. I currently have bins below the roosts wherever I collect their droppings which cuts down on however typically i want to wash out all the bedding. you’ll likely need to empty those bins once per week and clean out the full coop once a month roughly. apart from that, collect the eggs, offer them food and water. With this setup, and an extra water bucket I will get away for five days at a time without concern an excessive amount of regarding them. I simply organize for neighbors to select up the eggs (which they do not appear to mind if it means that free eggs)

If you begin making an attempt to pack too several birds into atiny low coop/ run, that is wherever you may run into a lot of issues with the birds not obtaining on well. this might mean analytic birds and treating sores; I avoided all that by giving them lots of area.


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