How to Make a Podium – Things to Consider in Building a Podium

I have hardly ever taken see of podium until finally the working day I was questioned to make 1. Household furniture is extra like my detail and it hardly ever occurred to me that I might be making a podium as very well. Earning a podium is not that tough though there are some standard thought you have to preserve in head.

Some of the issues you have to preserve in head are:


You can choose a tough wood or a tender wood in producing a podium. It is really not a great deal of a ought to to be making use of durable wood in podium than it is with furniture. Nonetheless, I have always appreciated making use of a hardwood for my woodworking initiatives so I have employed an oak wood.

If you like your podium to be conveniently moveable, it is even vital to use lighter supplies. And wheels with marketplace strength would make the podium even extra moveable. If you opt to have a wood base, make confident you use sturdier supplies to make sure a potent feeling of balance for the consumer.


The very good detail with podium is that you can just make a standard structure and incorporate some gildings afterwards on. Nonetheless, you may well require to create some excess features to the podium for a extra tailored use.

Some features I have individually designed in the podium I have designed are:

* Panels to permit extra area for the speaker’s means.

* Holes for cables and microphone stands.

* Cabinets to permit some area for the audio process.

PODIUM Designs

A person detail you have to offer with in making a podium are dimensions. You may well want to acquire into thought the regular top of the doable consumer of the podium. This goes into planning the top of the podium. As for the other dimensions, I located it much easier to observe a prepared-designed program than go by the problems of producing 1 myself.

Resource by Travis Montgomery


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